The Flock Band 

(In order from left to right)
Bob Straubing: Guitar, Vocals and Harmonica Lyle (Fud) Comstock: Bass Guitar, Vocals and Harmonica Howard (H) Derue:Drums and Percussion Terry Featherly:Guitar and Vocals

Band Bios

Bob Straubing – Lead Vocals, Guitar & Harmonica.  I was one of the original Flock Members from 1965.  With fifty years of performing experience I’ve opened shows for Aztec Two Step, Livingston Taylor, Duke Jupiter, Robbie Dupree & Michael Bacon.


Lyle (Fud) Comstock – Bass Guitar, Harmonica & Vocals.  I was one of the original Flock Members from 1965.  With over 50 years of experience in most all music styles.  I’ve opened shows or played for Kitty Wells, Bill Monroe, Doc Watson, Buddy Emmans, Blues Brothers, The Outsiders, Peter Noone, Boxcar Willie & Dr. John.  I was inducted into the New York State Country Hall of Fame in 2004.


Howard “H” DeRue – Drummer for 50 years. My musical influences are 60’s British Invasion and Motown.  My favorite drummers are Terry Bossio, Brad Elvis and Buddy Rich.  I have played the Eastern Sea Board and played with groups such as The Voxes, Ft. Mudge, The Alex Moon Band, Natural Image, MisDemeanor and have had Brann Dailor (on my drum kit).  I am proficient in Country, Rock, Reggae, Blues and Originals.

Inducted into the NYS Country Music Hall of Fame in 2004.


Terry “Gus” Featherly – Retired from Eastman Kodak 33 years. Instruments: 6 string and 12 string rhythm guitar. Backup Vocal harmony. Inspired by: The “Beatles” when growing in the 1960’s I enjoy all music, but mostly classic rock from the 60’s & 70’s What influences me as a musician: Family and friends that I grew up with and still proud to be playing with, I enjoy performing for people that enjoy and love music!